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You Are A Flower Too

You Are A Flower Too


If you are looking for wearable art. Look no further! We are so excited to introduce you all to these amazing Ice Dye shirts by Dirt Petal aka Jovana Sarver! A dear friend of BiankA's whom she met in Philadelphia originally at a grocery store in Mt. Airy neighborhood called Weavers Way. Jovana said, "Bianka was buying yogurt." Then they cross paths again at a coffee shop called the Rocket Cat Cafe. The first hipster cafe in Fishtown:). Just to give you all some context that was about 2006. Jovana was the barista and BiankA was the artist/musician who put together events called La Flora Sessions at the Rocket Cat Cafe. Those La Flora Sessions now continue here with Cute Coffee as we journey down the road to showcase creatives. Jovana is a fabulous artist and DJ who has taken Ice Dye art to another level. All the pieces look like water color paintings that you could dance in all day! Jovana uses low impact dyes and also makes her own natural dyes to create the magical colors that merge into each other. A lot of love was put into each and every one. No shirt is the same in color scheme, but the same in beauty.


It took 1 whole year to get these custom ice dye shirts to finally be available! The design is by BiankA & SabreeN. The actual screen printing was done by the amazing Forthrite Screen Printing in Oakland, CA. We also would like to thank Breck Omar Brunson aka Breck Built and Ruth Elaine Bussey for helping brainstorm ideas and bringing this to fruition.


Get your wearable art now! Can be worn as just a dope top or bigger sizes as a short dress! Say whatttttttt! We have a limited supply! So, GET IT WHILE IT'S HOT!

Funding goes back to the artists. Free bag of coffee with each shirt:)


    Custome Ice Dye Shirt on Organic Cotton shirts made in the USA.


    Unworn shirts can be returned within 2 weeks of purchase.


    Ships Everywhere!  Where you at?

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