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Just a Touch of Love, A Little Bit

Just a Touch of Love, A Little Bit


"Just a touch of love, a little bit. Just a touch. It's just a touch of love. Can we spend some timeeeeeeee?" ~Slave 1979 Thank you Slave Funk Band for releasing this amazing song! If y'all don't know this song, you gotta go listen to it right now! :) Sometimes you just want a touch. Here you have three 3oz bags of coffee. Just a touch of Love makes a great gift to tell someone you love them ohhhhhh, Just a Lil' Bit! Hehe! Really ALOT A BIT because they get 3 bags of coffee! 


    Three 3oz bags of the current freshly roasted coffees on our menu.


    No returns on coffee. You can return non-perishable unused items within 14 days of purchase.


    Ships Everywhere! Where you at?


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