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Cute Pencils :)

Cute Pencils :)


These custom made Cute Coffee one liner pencils inlayed with rose gold are incredibly fun to have around.  We like writing with things that inspire us to write more.  It also reminds BiankA of childhood because her dad used to get her pencils for school with her name on it:). Let's take it back y'all and be thankful for the little thangs!


You know these one liners have stories :)

KEEP IT CUTE OR PUT IT ON MUTE is all about not saying nothing if you ain't got nothing nice to say!


DREAM BELIEVE ACHIEVE was a slogan for a our space SunnYSidE UP {}. We made the place a community creative space where folks were dared to Dream, really Believe in themselves, and Achieve anything they would put their heart and mind to.


IT'S WHAT IT'S GONNA BE is a one liner from BiankA's Mom.  She always say, "It's not what it looks like, it's what it's gonna be!"  In one line she is saying don't focus on what is being presented because there is a ram in the bush.  Most things are an illusion to disctract you from your GLORY & VICTORY! 


I LOVE CUTE COFFEE just felt like a must do one liner.  When we went to buy the domain name  Cute Coffee many years ago it was purchased.  So, we said well I LOVE CUTE COFFEE domain would be a great way for folks to speak of love in their daily coffee routine.  We feel there is power in the words we say and how we say them. 


BABY, YOU GOTTA BE SHARP is a fabulous one liner from BiankA's Dad.  He used to say to her all the time when she was a kid, "Baby You Gotta Be Sharp!  You're Black in America!  Everything 150%!"  This stood for everything in her life.   You won't ever catch BiankA with clothes not ironed or hair not done cause Baby, know she gotta be sharp!  


I think we can all say that there's a little something fishy in the air around how unbalanced everything is when it comes to pigment in the skin.  We pray that the future can be brightened with love shared amongst us all.  As BiankA's mom says, "Heaven is not segregated."




    Rose Gold inlayed #2 Pencil with one liner of your choice :)

    Custom Pencils made by The Copper Letter

    They make super cute pencils!


    This is the kind of thing where you can totally return it within 14 days of purchase.  We don't think you'll be returning it though :)


    Ships Everywhere! Where you at?

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