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5lb Gold of Silviaaaaaaa:)

5lb Gold of Silviaaaaaaa:)


Here you have a 5lb Bag of freshly roasted "Silviaaaaaaa" 


Country: Guatemala

Region: Palencia

Farmer: Silvia de Lemus ~ Finca San Jorge

Variety: Caturra

Process: Washed


This Coffee truly means the world to us. We feel Blessed to have Finca San Jorge from Guatemala in our coffee family AGAIN! This farm is run by a Silvia de Lemus, her husband, and her son. Last time around, it took us a whole year to actually get this Finca San Jorge in our hands! Why did it take so long? Well, that’s a long story of figuring out customs, logistics, shipping companies trying to scam us, and borders to reopen. We'll leave the story below for those that missed it :).


After nearly 9 months into the journey of trying to get this wonderful coffee from Finca San Jorge, we finally got a lead on how to get the coffee here. A farmer cooperative in Guatemala called Chica Bean reached out to us because they saw us online and loved our mission.  We had a chance to learn so much about the producers they were working with and asked if they could help out with getting this coffee from Finca San Jorge to us. They said, "Yes!" It was truly so divine! Come to find out Silvia de Lemus at Finca San Jorge had actually attended a workshop Chica Bean did before.  So they knew each other. The world truly is small y'all! We then reintroduced Silvia to our contacts at Chica Bean and she happily took the 300lbs of coffee that we ordered to their head quaters for shipment. All of the shipment was ready to go and we all discovered that someone at the shipping company in Guatemala had quit so we had to wait for a new person to fulfill the position. They hired someone and then they quit, and we were back to waiting. The shipping company finally got someone to fulfill the necessary position to get our coffee to us and then no one showed up to the farm to pick up the coffee. After about a week of being told that someone from the shipping company was coming to pick up the coffee, our dear friends at Chica Bean said, "Forget all this waiting and back and forth! We're taking the coffee to the airport to get it on a plane for shipment!" At this moment we imagined our friends at Chica Bean as superheroes with capes on! {And the superhero theme music plays in the background}. They got the coffee to the airport and finally it was on the way!


Every day we looked at tracking and saw that it left Guatemala, hung out in Peru for a hot moment, then landed in Miami, and then California. It made it! But wait! Someone from the shipping company on this end was trying to continue to scam us and decided they wanted to hold our coffee in customs and even threatened to send it back if we didn't pay a certain amount of money to them! Now you know, God don't like ugly! We had already spoken to this person prior to the coffee getting on the plane in Guatemala and said no we don't need your services. They were obviously persistent and would not take no for an answer.  So, we politely over the course of almost 2 weeks of them holding our coffee in customs let them know we were not paying a dime and we did not need their services! Y'all won't believe the type of phone calls and emails we got from this person at the shipping company trying to scam us. They tried every angle possible to get us to pay money that we did not owe. They even tried to say, due to "an act of God" our shipment was sent back to Miami. We have you know there were no hurricanes, rain, sleet, snow, fire, earthquakes, or anything going on that would have made our shipment delay any more than what it was. It was simply just someone trying to get over on us and play us like we were dumb! You know we were clever and sweet with how we let them know we saw the scam! We were Keeping it Real Cute and then we Put It On Mute! The moral of the story is to stand up for yourself, read the fine print, know your rights, and recognize the game. Don't let these corporate companies try to belittle you and bully you into paying money you do not owe. Shout out to Abbigail from Chica Bean for letting the scammer know what was up too!


We're so excited about this delicious coffee and all the sweet folks who got it here. Feels like such a Blessing! We asked Silvia a number of questions and she happily answered. Now, without further a due, Words from Silvia de Lemus.


The farm is very beautiful, and not because it is ours, others say it, we're well located, with a favorable climate, close to the city, we work as a family and this unites us, especially my youngest son. We plant approximately 15 thousand plants every year, between renovating, replanting and new lots, growing a little every year. We harvest 700 bags of green coffee this year, we have 30 years working the land and 28 years working coffee, it is 1400-1600 meters high.


With the question, if we enjoy drinking our coffee, I will tell you that it is the most pleasant part of this job, because we know what we are drinking and especially enjoy its aroma. I have not done travel, but if there is an opportunity I would like to. We sell a little to Taiwan, Japan, the US and France. We sold another little bit at the local level. We still have 110 bags in the warehouse.


Our dream is to sell directly to the roaster or fair importer, and thus give better living conditions to our collaborators and the community. We have not sold them to local roasters.


My favorite part is to plant the plants and watch them grow until they give their grains, the green color of the fields and give job opportunities to people, especially women on the ripening season. There is something I don't like, the final price (I think it will be temporarily). The coffee is picked by hand, going 3 to 4 times for each plant, cutting only the optimal maturity, they are sorted by hand, then processed in machinery, allowed to ferment for approximately 12 to 15 hours, washed and dried in patios, for the most part, this year a greenhouse was built with plastic to help with drying. The farm has 49 hectares and of those 36 have coffee, several micro lots are made, per day, area and variety. You ask me if I love coffee and I am sincere that yes, and much, it is a noble crop with nature and the environment. With the export, the time affect us sometimes because clients take in canceling, from 3 to 6 months. We do not go through cooperatives; it is to exporters.


Thank you for your interest in our history, family and work. That we carry with love and passion. We are glad that there are people like you, who want to know about us and the job that we do. We would love to meet you. We sincerely thank you for your interest and I also pray that we make friendship and business.


And now is time to my questions... =) Where are you located? How is your business? What varieties do you like? Your favorite notes? Thank you very much for all the good wishes, God for wanting everything to go well. Our blessings to you and everything you do. We remain at your service.




This message was written to us on September 27, 2019. We had many coversations with Silvia via email and over the phone. All converstions were absolutely beautiful. Silvia does not speak English so her son who helps her manage the farm did some translating for us. Sabreen speaks pretty good spanish and Bianka knows a little here and there. So, we were able to really understand each other and have a lovely conversation when it came to talking on the phone. After the first phone call BiankA's mom called her and said,"what's with this phone call to Guatemala?" Pretty expensive 38-minute call! {They have the family plan}. We said, "Oops sorry MamaLaine we gonna download whatsapp right now!"


    5lbs of this lovely coffee from Silviaaaaaaa :)

    Country : Guatemala

    Region : Aldea Los Tecomates <> Palencia

    Farmer : Finca San Jorge <> Silvia de Lemus

    Variety : Caturra

    Process : Washed

    Here you have a 5lb Bag of freshly roasted "Silviaaaaaaa" from Guatemala & Custom Cute Coffee Sticker.  This sticker is made and designed by BiankA in collaboration with her high school friend who owns Sticker Ninja.  A fabulous sticker company up in Portland, Oregon.  Please share your love with them anytime you have sticker needs.  {}. This sticker is placed on each  bag with doublesided tape so that you can take it off and put it anywhere you need a little Swag! Git it! 


    No returns on coffee. You can return non-perishable unused items within 14 days of purchase.


    Ships Everywhere! Where you at?

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