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All coffees will come with one of these lovely heart seed cards of wild flowers 💐! The seeds are in the heart! How cool 😎 is that?

We’re also about to release garden 🪴 coffee! What’s that you may ask? Well, coffee is really good for the garden! We have a bunch of coffee that was under roasted. At first we thought oh this sucks but then we realized it was still useful for many things! One thing being your garden! The soil of your garden is in need of a balance pH. Depending on if you brew your coffee hot or cold will dictate which direction your pH will go. So, we said this is perfect! Providing coffee to garden lovers that has not gone through the extraction process will allow them to really utilize the coffee correctly in the garden! So, get ready for some beautiful blooms and abundance of food!

Keep It Cute Y’all! 🌈💖🤸🏾‍♂️💖🤸🏾‍♂️

Lise Freeman
Erica Chadé
Rashida Welbeck
Monique Lupu
Cute Coffee
Cute Coffee
Mar 07, 2021

@Rashida Welbeck This is too cute!! 🥰



Hi Cuties! We pray this message finds you lovely! We create...
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