YES, YEs, Yes...

YES, YEs, Yes...


YES! WE LOVE THIS COFFEE!  This is a another wonderful Coffee from our friends at La Real Expedición Botanica


Collective : La Real Expedición Botanica

Region : Northern Tolima

Municipality : Villahermosa

Vereda : La Julia Bagazal

Caficultor : Yesid Flórez

Varietal : Colombia Supremo

Elevation : 1760 MASL

Process: Washed Process.  Mixed batches from different days of picking.  In husk dry resting for 16 hours.  Depulped. Dry-mass fermentation in tank.  Sun dried.


Here you have a 16oz / 1lb Bag of freshly roasted Yes, Yes, Yes in a fully compostable bag with sugar cane labels!  Time to turn up & BLESS UP!


    This is 16oz / 1lb Bag of coffee roasted with LOVE by BiankA AlloyN & SabreeN NaimaH


    No returns on coffee. You can return non-perishable unused items within 14 days of purchase.


    Ships Everywhere!  Where you at?