Monte Sión Cielito Lindo SHG  Honey for the Honey's

Monte Sión Cielito Lindo SHG Honey for the Honey's


12oz / 340g Bag of freshly roasted Monte Sión Cielito Lindo Farm from El Salvador. Cielito Lindo Translates to Beautiful Farm.

You also receive a Custom Cute Coffee Sticker made by Sticker Ninja that you can take off the bag and put anywhere you need a little Swag! Git it!


Tasting Notes Blueberry, Tamarind, Pomegranate, Zante Currants, Dark Chocolate, Black Strap Molasses

Producers  Urrutia Family 

Variety SHG {Strictly High Grown} Arabica Bourbon 

Region Apaneca Moutain Range, Cerro Cachio, El Salvador

Process Honey, Dryed with Sun and Shade on African Beds 


Number of hectares 14
Temperature 15º – 30º
Altitude 1,300 – 1,400 masl
Annual Rainfall 3,000 – 3,200 mm
Harvest season December – March

Certification Rainforest Alliance


Did somebody say Blessed Coffee?  Each lot of coffee at Monte Sión is named after something Biblical.  So, we feel this coffee from the Cielito Lindo Farm is Blessed by God and the Holy Spirit.  If you met Lilliana Urrutia de Narvaez you would feel the same way too!  This coffee will make you wanna get on the good foot!  Who doesn't need a Blessing?  Can I get an Amen? :)


Cute Coffee & Lilliana Urruita de Narvaez have been chatting it up for 7 months.  Together they figured out a way to get this coffee here for you straight from her family farm. 


When we spoke to Lilliana she shared this:


Our farms date back to the late 1800´s, making me a 4th generation of coffee producer in our family. In the year 2002 we focused on specialty coffees andt began exporting directly under the brand name: Monte Sion. Our properties are located in the Apaneca Mountain Range in El Salvador, known to be one of the main coffee producing areas in our country. Around 80% of our farms have been renovated with the Bourbon variety, which we love for its sweetness, bright acidity and chocolate flavor. 


Monte Sión has been built under three premises



All our coffee plants are reproduced at our own nursery, after carefully selecting the best trees and cherries. Our agricultural work has become more assertive by using new technology that for instance gives us much more specific information on the soil and plant needs through satellite information. Our workers are trained on quality controls, safeguarding and new techniques in the industry. All coffee is hand picked at the optimum maturity level. We have our own mill which is certified to guarantee our customers on the traceability of the coffee they purchase (Chain of Custody by Rainforest Alliance). At our mill we process washed coffees, honey processed and naturals. All our our strictly high grown coffee is dried in African beds (sun and shade dried).


Environmental Friendly 

We use as much organic products as possible. For example: NIM extract is used as a repellent, Tea leaf as a rust control method, Pulp juice and Californian Worms manure as foliar fertilizers, organic compost and pulp as soil nutrients, etc. Only when necessary we use chemical products to control plagues. For commercial purposes a specific area in one of our farms is certified by Rainforest Alliance; however, all of the farms are worked the same way, under the principle to protect the environment.


Social responsibility

In the 1970´s we began providing our workers with vitamins, but little by little our work grew to the point that in 2002 we were named by the United Nations as role model company on how to combat poverty in El Salvador. At this point our social work includes given food and hygiene products to our workers every two weeks, clothing and shoe ware provisioning around 4 times a year, free medical campaigns for the communities (including medicines and vitamins) once a year, feeding children at the schools in the communities we are present in throughout the year. At this time we are almost about to finish opening a “drinking fountain” in three communities which did not have access to water.


Our Management team is composed of 


Luis Ernesto Urrutia

Physician and Coffee producer, also my father. He retired from his medical profession 4 years ago, but continues to work in the agricultural part of our business which is his passion. 


Lilliana de Urrutia

In charge of all the social responsibility at the farms and the communities. She is also my mother


Jorge Escobar

Q Grader, recognized to be the best cupper in El Salvador, and are happy to say is our cupper as well. 


Lilliana de Narváez

Marketer as a profession, but in the coffee business since 2004, in charge of all the administration, processes and exportation part of our business.


It's a Blessed family affair y'all! Git it while it's hot! Amen...

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