Doña Maritza

Doña Maritza


Here you have a 12oz / 340g Bag of freshly roasted Doña Maritza & Custom Cute Coffee Sticker. This sticker is made by BiankA's high school friend who owns Sticker Ninja. A fabulous sticker company up in Portland, Oregon. Please share your love with them anytime you have sticker needs.{ } This sticker is placed on each bag with doublesided tape so that you can take it off and put it anywhere you need a little Swag! Git it!


This coffee is SUPER LIMITED! We only have 5 bags of this DELICIOUS COFFEE from Doña Maritza Roque! Just like all of our other coffees you know this coffee has a story.


Once upon a time we are contacted by Abbigail Graupner from Chica Bean in Guatemala. Chica Bean has an amazing crew that strives to help build foundations and opportunties for women coffee producers. They are focused on transparency, simplifying the value chain, direct relationships, and prosperity for the women farmers and their family.  This coffee is so direct that it got delivered to our doorstep at our house straight from the farm!  We have a funny story that we told before about how the shipping company tried to scam us and this coffee was included on that shipment.  They tried for months to get us to pay money that we did now owe and we all stood our ground.  Even when the coffee passed through customs in Miami, then landed in San Francisco, and the shipping company said "we're sending your coffee back to Miami if you don't pay us", we still stood our ground.  This whole time we kept Abbigail in the loop about what the shipping company was trying to do to us.  We'll never forget the day we saw the email she wrote to them saying , "All Cute Coffee has to do is sit back and look Cute and wait for their coffee!"  SabreeN and I could not stop laughing at Abbigail's comment!  We said Abbigail, "We think we can Keep it Cute! " Abbigail is amazing y'all!  Absolutely amazing!


How did we meet Abbigail? 

Well, many moons ago Abbigail reached out to us via Instagram. We automatically said let’s make a date. Next thing you know we’re video chatting and laughing non-stop into the afternoon. The conversation was so smooth and easy that we just knew it was going to be a great exchange. We immediately gave her our address to send samples too and asked to speak with the farmers at Chica Bean. This is when we met Doña Maritza Roque!  In our photos for this coffee we've included a screen shot of all of us talking full of smiles for miles!  We learned a lot that day and here's just some of what Doña Maritza shared with us.


She grew up in a farming community, but is a 1st generation farmer.  Her and her husband bought their land in 1997.  Maritza loves drinking her own coffee and enjoys every cup beyond measure.  Her favorite process is honey!  She learned about different processes, microbes, and fertilizers when she did an experience exchange with coffee farmers in Honduras called Anacafe.  Training is essential for knowing her coffees :) Her favorite part of working the farm is the process of harvesting.  She has her own processing mill on her mothers land in the town of San Luis.  It is cold in the hills, but hot at her mom's house where they process the coffee. It is easier to process the coffee at her mom's house down the hill because of that hottness. Down there they have NO worries of mold there because it’s so hot.  Right now she’s doing more research on different varieties.  She mainly grows Caturra and Pache {plantas gorditas}.  Her coffee is grown at 1450 meters and some up to 1600 meters.  It is depulped with a machine.  Then the pulp is separated from coffee and dried on patios.


In 2019 Maritza was awarded The 5th Best Natural in the Region.  Recently, her farm got past the first two rounds of the cup of excellence. There are 3 rounds.  2020 was the first year she entered the cup of excellence :).  Her 2020 Honey scored a 86.6 SCA {Specialty Coffee Associationi}!




COUNTRY :  Guatemala

REGION : San Pedro Pinula <> Jalapa

FARMER : La Hierba Buena <> Maritza Roque

VARITETY : Catuai <> Pache <> Caturra

PROCESS : Washed

TASTING NOTES : Black Cherry, Toffee, Caramel, Pinapple, Blueberry



    This is 12oz/340g of coffee roasted with LOVE by BiankA AlloyN & SabreeN NaimaH


    No returns on coffee. You can return non-perishable unused items within 14 days of purchase.


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