Cute CatrachA

Cute CatrachA


12oz / 340g Bag of freshly roasted Catracha Coffee in Honduras 

& Custom Cute Coffee Sticker made by Sticker Ninja


Tasting Notes Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Honey, Plum, Lime

Producers Santiago Perez

Variety Catuai

Region Casas Quemadas, Santa Elena, La Paz, Honduras

Process Depulped, Fermented, and Fully Washed, then Dried on Raised Beds Under Cover of a Solar Dryer


The Catracha Project is a membership that helps farmers improve the quality of their crops and form thriving relationships with specialty coffee roasters. Many farmers “graduate” and make room for new farmers to benefit from the invaluable resources that this group provides.  Mayra Orellana Powell is leading this project in her home town Santa Elana, La Paz, Honduras.  This coffee is from a microlot belonging to Santiago Pérez.  He has a 2-acre farm called La Violin.  It's in the community of Casas Quemadas where he lives with his wife and 5 children.  Over the past 3 years with Catracha, Santiago has elevated his farm practices using lime to control the pH of his soil, fertilizing with organic compost, and spraying organic fungicides to control levels of leaf rust.  He also processes his coffee on his own microlot mill. 


Mayra Orellana-Powell says it all started with the love of coffee and passion to connect everyone.  Catracha Coffee grew rapidly over the past decade and has spread its wings from a few producers to over 80 of them now and dozens of roasters as well.  This is the kind of thing where profit-sharing comes into play.  Now, much of the income from sales of the Catracha coffee goes to the Catracha Community (a501(1)(c)(3) Non-Profit where they invest back into the farms, host weekly creative workshops for women and youth, host farmers and flea markets on the land,  and one of our favorite parts is the artist residency that is offered.  Sounds as though this may be the perfect space to relax, create, learn, share, uplift, and drink the freshest cup of coffee you have ever had in your life!  As you can see it's a family affair all about sharing and caring for one another.  We love working with Catracha Coffee Project because it is part of uplifting one another!





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