Cute Pumpkin Spice Latte Scrub

Cute Pumpkin Spice Latte Scrub


This JadenMoon Scrub is absolutely silky smooth just like the soap!  The size of sugar granules is just the right size and it exfoliates as it melts into your skin.  Creating a new passage way for new skin to do what it do and stay as soft as a baby's bootie!


Adrienne Spellman, creator of JadenMoon has been making healthy skin, hair, and body products for 15 years.  She absolutely loves making products that enchance your overall well being.  We are honored to collaborate and share her creations with you.   Enjoy the new you with JadenMoon! 


You may want to get her entire line at JADENMOON.COM             


Little back story: One day we were sitting around and we had a vision that we needed to collaborate with JadenMoon.  We called up Adrienne and talked about a collaboration before we even tried her products.  It was that intuitive feeling that this was going to be a Blessing!  This was a Blessing to our skin and our spirit!  Ever since that day we've been buying nothing, but JadenMoon products!  We've even been using the ones she made for us to share with you all.  We had to stop ourselve and say, "Can't get high on your own supply!"  So, here we are finally sharing her line with you.   



    Made with healthy amounts of organic shea butter, olive oil, fresh seaonsal pumpkin, SHG Honey Cielito Lindo Coffee from Monte Sion Estate in the Apaneca Mountain Range of Cerro Cachio El Salvador, and fragrances of deliciousness and love.

     Made in California, Organic, Eco Friendly, 4oz               


    Once the seal is opened you can not return.  If need be you can return this item within 14 days of purchase unopened.


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