Cute Coffee "Happy Meal"

Cute Coffee "Happy Meal"


Cute Coffee Happy Meal includes almost 180 grams of Queen of Mocha Coffees, a Cute Coffee Sticker, Queen of Mocha Collectors Card, and a surprise toy!


This is a curated blend by Cute Coffee of Harazy, Anesy, and Hoery Coffees all the way from Roverbird & Sameeha Mohammed in Yemen.  After 9 months of relationship building and setting up a freight in the knick of time from Yemen to Saudia Arabia, we finally have this delicious coffee.  It is the first time Roverbird has landed in the Americas and the United States.  A SPECIAL THANK YOU to MamaLaine and Lisa Sloane.  These Angels behind the scenes helping facilitate this glory to fruition!




    Almost 180 grams of Coffee ~ 3 x 2.5 Cute Coffee Sticker ~ 6 x 4 Keep It Cute Card with Illustration, Spraypainting, and Design by BiankAAlloyN ~ Queen of Mocha Collectors Card ~ Mystery Toy


    No returns on opened packages.  Refunds available for damaged goods.


    Shipped Everywhere.