Colombia CDNT Casabianka Dream Island Treat

Colombia CDNT Casabianka Dream Island Treat


Image yourself sitting on an island under a palm tree with a creamy, stone fruit, pinapple, and  fresh sugar cane drink.  Sprinkle a little cardamon, cinnamon, and some fresh vanilla from the pod!  BAM!  Watch out now, you are chillin! 


Welcome to the island of Agua De Dios Regional from Casabianca Tolima!


We were introduced to the La Real Expedición Botánica Family from a dear coffee friend named Daniel.  We were on the the phone one day talking about coffee and the trade relationships.  Daniel learned that day that we are highly interested in working with others who value each and every single hand involved.  We said, "Beyond direct trade please." We want that friend to family trade.  Folks we could build with and not have a fleeting exchange.  He immediately said, "You gotta meet my friend Herbert in Colombia.  He's a part of a collective that specializes in simply delicious coffee cultivated with love."  Bianka said, "Yes, I do!  That's my grandfathers name.  So, I know he's going to be fabulous!"  After much phone and facetime tag we finally got on the phone with Herbert and immediately fell in love.  Herbert's passion for valuing all things and everyone in the exchange was exactly what we were looking for.  We talked for about 45 mintues one day, little over an hour another day, via email mutliple times, and finally talked to him and Aña Mustafa who is the Cheif Operating Officer of La Real Expedición Botánica.  Aña and Herbert both come from coffee families.  Aña's dating back nearly 60 years because her grandfather bought the farm 70 years ago with the FNC {Federación de Cafetera de Colombia}.  They both know and understand the importance of value and quality of life in the process.  So, they came together with multiple caficultores {coffee growers} in the area and decided to help each other facilitate growing incredible and complex coffees that could be sold to those who follow the same philosphy.  The collective is helping each other produce various processes of coffee.  Spending money together to buy necessary things like horses that will help move supplies and things up and down the mountain.  Workers are getting paid 25% more and leaving an hour earlier than other farm workers.  Their growing food in each other's garden which Herbert says is a Blessing to the whole project.  Helping sell each other's coffee and coming together to open their own dry mill next year.  I then asked Herbert, "How many women farmers are there and how many women work on the coffee farm?"  He said, "Sooo many.  My farm manager is a wonderful woman.  She was actually sitting with me right now checking out this bite in my foot.  She's like another mother to me."  This is when we learned that Aña was the COO and then we learned more about this CDNT coffee.  A set of coffees that were sent to the collective to check out.  These were the chosen ones :) 4 female caficultores produced this wonderful coffee in Casabianca.  Bianka said, "Herbert, that's my house and we must know about it!"  Thus one of the reasons we chose this coffee aside from the fact that it's delicious.


Thank you Marta Torres, Noralba Sáenz, Yesid Arbeláez, and Norbey Arbeláez for putting in all the love to make this coffee happen.  I'm at the island watching the waves gently caress and kiss the sand with this one!  


Towards the end of our conversation Herbert said a set of words that resonated in our heart, "New Colonialism.  Colombia doesn't make machinery.  No one tells the tea producer what to do and what things taste like, but they always tell the coffee producer.  Folks from the outside like to come in and tell the producer what they are doing wrong."  At La Real Expedición Bontánica that New Colonialism has no place.  It's a family affair sharing knowledge to help each other prosper in abundance with their farms.


Without further a do we present to you CDNT ~ Casabian{k}a Dream Island Treat


Region : Northern Tolima

Municipality : Casabianca


This is a selection from 4 caficultores  who are members of the CDNT association : Marta Torres, Noralba Sáenz, Yesid Arbeláez, Norbey Arbeláez

Varietal : Caturra, Colombia, Castillo

Elevation : 1650 m

Various Washed Process : In-husk fermentation for up to 24hrs

Dry-mass fermentations from 12 to 36 hours

Mix homogenized in the density sorter




More photos coming soon!  Considering everyone is pretty far out in the mountains internet is limited.  So, when they get the internet again Herbert said they would send more photographs.


Tasting Notes:  Tropical as we mentioned above, sugar cane, in season donut peaches, cinnamon, cardamon, 70 % milk chocolate, teddy grahms, vanilla straight out the pod, and blanched citrus peels cause this is not that bitter citrus we're talking about here.  That sweet candied citrus peel of a in season clementine!


Here you have 12oz / 340g Bag of freshly roasted CDNT from Colombia  & Custom Cute Coffee Sticker.  This sticker is made by BiankA's high school friend who owns Sticker Ninja.  A fabulous sticker company up in Portland, Oregon.  Please share your love with them anytime you have sticker needs.

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This sticker is placed on each  bag with doublesided tape so that you can take it off and put it anywhere you need a little Swag! Git it!




    This is 12oz/340g of coffee roasted with LOVE by BiankA AlloyN & SabreeN NaimaH


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