5LB Gold of But I don't like Decaf, Mustafá Decaf

5LB Gold of But I don't like Decaf, Mustafá Decaf





For those of you that say you don't like DECAF and want it...


This one is for you!  This Mustafá Decaf is BANGING!  We didn't plan on buying decaf, but our friend Daniel said we had to try Aña's decaf.  With one eye brow up and our head tilted to the side we said, "Aight, Aight. We'll see."  We did a blind cupping with the decaf on the table and said, "Hold up, which one is the decaf?"  No lie y'all, we couldn't make out which coffee was the decaf!  So, this decaf taste like a caffinated coffee unlike many decaf's out there.  It's creamy, fruity, caramelly, and pretty darn delicious! You won't be disappointed:)


We had the pleasure of speaking to Aña and can not say anything, but sweet things about her.  Her drive, passion, and love for others really shines through.  We did not want to get off the phone :)  We're so Blessed to be in collaboration with her family's farm.  Aña Mustafá's family has been in the coffee business for 60 years. Her grandfather purchased the land 70 years ago with the FNC {Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers}.  Aña is carrying the torch so to speak as the Chief Operating Officer of the Collective La Real Expedición Botánica.  This collective is doing some great things to help each other produce various varietals of coffee and processes.  They're also sharing necessary supplies, equipment, and helping each other sell their coffees.  This is the same collective that we mentioned in our other offering called Colombia CDNT CasabiankA Dream Island Treat.  This Decaf is a dream island treat too!  So, hop to it!  We don't have much to go around :)


This is the April 2020 Harvest


Region : Risaralda

Municipality : Pereira

Vereda : El Pital de Combia

Caficultor : Mustafá Family

Varietal : Castillo

Elevation : 1550 - 1650 m

Fed-batch Washed Process 

Fed-batch from 3 different days of picking. 

In-husk dry resting for up to 24 hours

up to 48 hours dry fermentation in tank,low temperature mechanical drying.

Ethyl-Acetate decaffeination.  This is a solvent that occurs in nature.  Thus the reason this process is called "Natural".  It exists in minute quantities in ripening fruits.


Tasting Notes : Lemon, Caramel, Juicy Fruit, Zante Currants, Sweet Anjou Pear


Here you have a 5LB Bag of freshly roasted Mustafá Decaf from Colombia  & Custom Cute Coffee Sticker.  This sticker is made by BiankA's high school friend who owns Sticker Ninja.  A fabulous sticker company up in Portland, Oregon.  Please share your love with them anytime you have sticker needs.

{ https://www.stickerninja.com/ } 

This sticker is placed on each  bag with doublesided tape so that you can take it off and put it anywhere you need a little Swag! Git it!


    This is a 5LB bag of coffee roasted with LOVE by BiankA AlloyN & SabreeN NaimaH


    No returns on coffee. You can return non-perishable unused items within 14 days of purchase.


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